Upcoming Public Talk


This talk is particularly suited for parents of children in Prep through to Class Six, although all are welcome.

This talk will explore:

  • What to know : Understand how to support vital childhood changes (parenting seven to twelve-year-olds’ to thrive)
  • What to do      : Inspiring tips to build strong connections over the years
  • What to Say    : New creative discipline ideas to foster family values and a more harmonious home


When  : Wednesday the 18th of March at 7:00 pm
Where : Primary Campus 11c Duffys Road, Emerald
Cost    : Donation at the door

Presenter: Lou Harvey-Zahra. Lou is a Steiner teacher and bestselling parenting author with five books, including her latest “Growing Children, Thriving Children: Raising 7 to 12 year olds with Confidence and Awareness.” She presents in schools across the UK, LA and Australia.

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  03 8790 4797


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